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What is TOR and Darknet [video]

For those of you who are not familiar with TOR, let me take a moment to explain what is it all about. TOR or ‘The Onion Network’ is a software bundle for enabling anonymous communication. Tor directs Internet traffic through… Continue Reading →

Configure Nginx as a Reverse Proxy for Apache

New video is out on configuring Nginx as a reverse proxy for Apache. I’ve been asked to do this update to my “CentOS / RHEL Linux Server Setup Essentials” Udemy course for some time now. So here it is. Click… Continue Reading →

PhpMyAdmin + Nginx Installation and Configuration for CentOS 7 Quick How-To

Recently I found out that most tutorials and how-tos on installing PhpMyAdmin and configuring it to work with Nginx web server under the CentOS 7 end up in failure if being followed step-by-step. That’s why I give you this simple to… Continue Reading →

Free webinar Setting Up LAMP Stack for Debian Linux VPS [Updated]

This Thursday, December, 29th at 5PM UTC I will be broadcasting a free masterclass webinar on setting up LAMP stack for Debian Linux web server. UPDATE: Find the replay & all the materials here

How to make your Telegram Messenger more secure [video]

This video will show you how you can tweak your Telegram Messenger security settings to make your account practically unpenetrable and messages untraceable.

10 Essential Information Security Tips for Everyone

This article covers the basics of what is called a personal information security. Some aspects, which will be discussed further, probably will seem to you a very basic, even primitive, but believe me, that none of them can be underestimated… Continue Reading →

My third Udemy course on CentOS Linux server setup is live!

Wow! My 3rd course on CentOS Linux server setup just got approved by Udemy! I’m so excited about it. As for now the course has basic topics on setting up your server OS and turning on the LAMP stack. It… Continue Reading → The First Online Courses Marketplace in Ukraine

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working hard with a group of amazing professionals to launch the very first online courses marketplace in Ukraine, It’s a great website for a number of reasons: a developed online testing… Continue Reading →

My Speech at IBECON 2015 (video)

Speech at Innovations in Business Education Conference (2015) about my experience in development of paid mass online courses.

Innovations in Business Education Conference (2015)

A call for instructors, consulting professionals, academics and business owners. On the initiative of the Enterprise Strategy Department of Kyiv National Economic University, Educational and Training Center of Economics and Business Management, Institute of Management Consulting and the Institute of… Continue Reading →