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Free webinar Setting Up LAMP Stack for Debian Linux VPS [Updated]

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This Thursday, December, 29th at 5PM UTC I will be broadcasting a free masterclass webinar on setting up LAMP stack for Debian Linux web server.

UPDATE: Find the replay & all the materials here

2 Responses to “Free webinar Setting Up LAMP Stack for Debian Linux VPS [Updated]”

  1. Saddam says:

    I was watch your Debian course so I don’t understand ” Configure Multiple Apache Virtual Hosts ” var/www/ there have you show us a name “Schoolguide” what is it schoolguide is a folder name or it is a software if schoolguide is software any other thing so how ican i install or make it to my own server if you have me answer Thank You
    and can answer me throgh my email

    • Alex says:

      Hello, it was just a name of an example folder for a website. Actually, I was really setting up a website with this name at that moment )
      Feel free to message me if f you have any questions.

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